Building an authentic audience is more than just numbers; it's about building long-term trust. It's about providing value to people who follow you, engaging with them, and making genuine connections.

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  • Building trust with your audience, long-term.
  • This weeks podcast episode with Sohaib.
  • Creator highlight
  • New section: A short-story

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You can buy followers, but you can't buy trust.

If you're doing it for the numbers, make your life easy and go buy followers. Building an authentic audience is more than just numbers; it's about building long-term trust. It's about providing value to people who follow you, engaging with them, and making genuine connections.

This requires not just sharing content but also interacting with your followers, responding to their comments, and considering their feedback when creating new content.

You're building a community.

Consistent and authentic content:

Show up every day and share your original thoughts, ideas, and experiences. You have a unique perspective; you have unique experiences; you have unique ideas; share that.

Don't worry about people agreeing or disagreeing with you. Focus on sharing what matters to you. Something you can stand by in the next 2-3 years and say, "Yep, I went through that," or "Yep, that was my thought process at the time," without hesitation.

Be transparent and honest:

Writing online is not all about sharing the good stuff; sharing the mistakes and failures goes a long way. Show people that you are human and you didn't get it right the first or second time, and it took three or four times.

It's easy to brag and boast about making your first $100 online or getting 1,000 followers. But the folks sharing their obstacles and how they found a way around them are showing their true colors.

There is something unique and special about sharing the journey and not just talking about the destination.

Building trust takes, and it doesn't happen overnight:

The people that follow you and your journey want to see progression; they want to know the process so they can use that as guidance for their journey.

Keep in mind that your story has the power to motivate and encourage others, so don't stop sharing.

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A short-story:

In 2016, I was sitting in my 600ft studio apartment in LA at a small desk with my laptop in the corner of the all-in-one room, my bedroom, my living room, and my office. I had just finished my project management contract with a client and ran out of money quickly. I was in survival mode; I needed to start making money to pay for rent that was coming up in 13 days. I looked around the room, and then I looked over at my dog, who was comfortably sleeping without any stress in his body. Looking at him, I felt a sudden relief; I said out loud, "It's going to be ok. I am going to figure this out, buddy." I want to say that he heard me and acknowledged me, but he just got up, turned his body, and went back to his peaceful sleep.

At that moment, I opened a new tab in my browser and typed in "" I created an account, wrote a quick summary of all the project management things I can do, uploaded a picture, and within that same minute, started scouring for jobs. I spent the next 5 hours applying for every possible job that fits my skill set. Twenty-five job applications later, I got... crickets. The following day, I woke up and did the same thing. Slowly over the next 3-4 days, I started to get responses, and eventually, after five days, I landed my first job on Upwork.


When one thing ends, something new is on the way. Be ready to accept a new beginning.

2 tweets from the week.

Tweet 2: When the idea bucket is empty, here is how you refill it...

Creator Highlight: Sohaib Albadawee

Sohaib has an amazing newsletter that goes out to 6,000 subscribers every Saturday.

You'll get actionable tips to Turn Your Personal Brand into a Profitable One-person Business.

Psstt.. I had the pleasure of having him on my podcast as well. Keep scrolling down

This weeks Podcast episode

I’m thrilled to announce a new episode of the podcast featuring Sohaib Albadawee, an aviation engineer turned growth marketer. Sohaib shared his journey from fixing airplanes to becoming head of growth in an organization, to helping startups grow within their customers and products.

  • Sohaib graduated as an aviation engineer and worked in airplane maintenance before burning out and transitioning to marketing He climbed his way to become a head of growth, but the pandemic forced him to lay off his staff. This made him realize that you are never safe in a job, so he knew he had to start doing something else on the side.
  • Sohaib started helping startups grow within their customers and products. His background gave him the ability to break down complex processes and analyze things effectively, skills that have proven invaluable in marketing.
  • Sohaib is currently on the journey to create a personal brand and a one-person business. He plans to employ himself full-time by the end of the year and quit his current job to focus more on himself.

During the episode we talked about the importance of building a side-hustle, how to build a following on social media that actually cares about what you do and more. Join us as we delve into Sohaib's fascinating journey and learn from his experiences and insights.

Listen to the latest episode here

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