Not all clients are created equal. So be prepared for everything.

Not all clients are created equal. So be prepared for everything.

No matter what, you should always bring:

  • Your unique approach.
  • Your self-confidence.
  • Your positive energy.

You have to tie those three qualities into the ten lessons (below). Find the balance between those three, and you will hit home runs left and right.

Lesson #1: Separate yourself with a unique solution. Be different.

Lesson #2: Don't assume people know what you're talking about, be clear and ask if you need to explain something in more detail.

Lesson #3: If you're on video, read your prospect's face. If they look confused, ask questions. If they look unsure, ask why.

Lesson #4: Be a good listener, and try not to interrupt. It's important to let someone get their thoughts out. Show you're listening by answering all the questions without asking to repeat questions.

Lesson #5: If you don't know something, say you don't know. It's better to

Lesson #6: Connect with them more personally (pets, cooking, etc.). When people get to know a bit more about you, they feel a bit more trust.

Lesson #7: Be authentic. Be yourself from start to finish, don't put on a show.

Lesson #8: Be solution-oriented and knowledgable about your industry; you never know who you're talking to. People can smell bullshit; know your shit.

Lesson #9: Ask the hard questions: "What triggered you to reach out to us? Why do you think we would be a good fit? When are you going to be ready to make a decision?"

Lesson #10: Keep the conversation positive, bring good energy, and trickle in some humor. Let them see your personality.

Get after it and sell with confidence.

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