As we wrap up 2022, which has been one tough year for many people (including me), I want to emphasize mental health going into 2023

This should only take about 4 mins to read.

I am keeping this simple today: focus on your mental health.

As we wrap up 2022, which has been one tough year for many people (including me), I want to emphasize mental health going into 2023.

We are all trying to be our best selves and constantly reaching for that next thing: a new business, a new job, a new car, whatever it is. We all do it. We are humans, and we all want more. Over the past year, I have been focusing on less. I don’t mean doing less, but buying less and being ok with what I have.

Our minds will always detour into “you need that new thing.” But what if we shift that energy into ourselves and take care of our mental and physical health?

It's ok to switch it up, do what's right for you.

  • It’s ok to sleep in and not get up at 5 am every morning.
  • It’s ok to take a random day off and say, “fuck it.”
  • It’s ok to miss a few tasks that you had to do.

One thing I will implement in the new year is taking 2 Mondays and 2 Fridays off every month. I want to spend more time just blocking off all work-related things and doing some writing, spending time with my dogs, and hanging out with my parents.

Take breaks

If work is constantly draining you, start trying new things.

→ Work for 30 mins in full focus mode, then take a break.

→ Work for a full hour, then take a break.

Walks are crucial to clear the mind. Listen to what’s going on outside, the air, the birds, and the wind. All these sounds are experiences that disconnect you from the BS (work).

Find activities that give you a disconnect from work.

Any of these will do:

  • Sports
  • Walks
  • Art
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Enjoying nature
  • A nap

Give your brain a break; let it reset and regroup. Let it process all the stuff you’re doing.

I step away for three reasons:

  1. Process the ideas that I have.
  2. Solve existing problems that I have trouble with.
  3. Sit in silence and let my brain detach from noise.

It’s crucial to take care of your mental health, don’t wait until tomorrow; start with small steps today.

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Random question:
What is a non-work activity that gives you energy?


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