This is the 12th issue of a newsletter, where I share things from my personal journey and and helping early-stage entrepreneurs get their business off the ground.

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Micro-growth vs. Macro-growth.

This issue is focused on the importance of micro-growth and reducing fear while you build your business.

Let’s get into it…

When you are building a business, you will start to learn from day 1. The most common reason why people don’t start is fear. Mainly fear of the Macro and what the world will think of them. It’s the wrong way to look at it: people really don’t care about you and what you are doing. Those that take time out of their day to hate or compare themselves are not putting that time into themselves.

Macro-growth drives fear, and fear drives:

  • Negative thoughts.
  • Not thinking clearly.
  • Losing curiosity.
  • And many other terrible effects.

What’s the best way to overcome that? Focus on micro-growth. Small improvements, small steps towards growth.

Keep in mind as you keep reading — nobody knows everything, and everyone started not knowing anything.

We are all learning every day, don’t forget:

  • Every business is built differently.
  • Don’t compare yourself to another competitor.
  • Look to improve things by 1% rather than 10%.

The business journey:

We are on different paths, we have different lifestyles, and we have different variables that affect our day. We are all learning in different ways through different experiences. Experiences compound, and when you keep building, you learn to maximize time and how you solve a problem.

You have the clarity to be ok to know what you don’t know.

Lean into the building process and the fear starts to go away.

Top of mind topic: Passion.

  • Passion for the work you are doing
  • Passion for the work you want to do
  • Passion for things outside of your work that drive everything else.
  • Passion for finding hobbies that give you an outlet to be free minded.

It’s hard to be consistent with something you are not passionate out.

When you combine passion and consistency, you get results.

Tweets from the week.

The first tweet by Julian Shapiro really opened my mind about voice and writing.

The second tweet is by Alex Hormozi which relates to this weeks newsletter topic growth:

Last but not least:

Here is one of my tweets from the previous week where I laid out how to take an idea and start bringing it to life in 7-simple steps.

Podcast stuff:

Kicking off season 2 of my podcast with a lovely chat with Elise Decamp. She is the co-founder and CEO of TOKI, a platform that introduces a loyalty infrastructure based on blockchain technology. We mainly talked about how she got into eCommerce, what TOKI aims to provide to brands, and what their plans are for the future.

  • Elise’s journey to eCommerce started while she was still in college. It all began with building websites on WordPress. As she started to grow, she showed interest in Shopify. And quickly realized that it was not just a platform that made things easy, but it was becoming a movement that she wanted to be a part of.
  • As all things point towards web 3.0 being the future, TOKI’s plan is to help eCommerce brands transition. They are focused on simplifying retention and acquisition of consumers and introducing businesses to the crypto world.
  • Elise mentioned that their goal for the future is to empower brands by providing them with tools to utilize the benefits of blockchain. Brands will be able to acquire more meaningful data about their customers while providing them with a better experience.

During the episode, we also talked about the challenges of fundraising, the importance of educating people about blockchain and eCommerce, things to consider if you want your business to be acquired, etc. Tune in here to listen to the full conversation.

One tool I like or use:

Tool of the week:


Why this tech stack is so awesome:

It provides a number of tools to prevent you from wasting time scouring the internet for the best tool. The goal is to start building, not searching for a tool. I found this to be super helpful and I hope it helps one other person!


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