It's not complicated to save and invest money anymore.

It's not complicated to save and invest money anymore. Automate your savings plan by contributing small amounts of money and letting it compound without thinking about it. Don’t make saving and investing your money a chore; make it mindless.

Whether you are running a business, working at a job, or even if you are in college - it’s never the wrong time to save money. Once you connect your bank account, these apps will be on auto-pilot.


Acorns is one of the first apps to introduce a tactic called Round-ups.

For example: if I buy a bag of chips for $3.45. I can set up acorns to round up to the nearest dollar, which means that now I pay $4.00 for those chips, but $0.55 of that will go directly into your Acorns savings account. Every time you purchase something, Acorns will round it up. As a bonus, Acorns invests your money in the stock market, so it’s compounding.


If you are looking to invest in Real Estate in the United States, this is your app. You can do as little as $100/month, and Fundrise will diversify and maximize your investment across different real estate types. In 2021 my average return was +22.4%.


This one is fun. If you have a set event that you want to save money for, like a trip, concert, sports event, or even a house — this app allows you to set up individual piggybanks. Qapital uses a similar round-up feature (like Acorns), and you contribute specific amounts to different piggybanks.

Keep in mind — start small, grow from there. Time is your best friend.

This is not investment advice; always do your own research.