The online world is wide-open and free to explore. If you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing, congratulations. You’re right where you need to be. Try, learn, explore, break, and repeat. Be a sponge.

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A Novice Mindset Has No Boundaries.

What it means to be a novice

The dictionary definition:

one that begins something

especially : an inexperienced person

Stepping into an unfamiliar world of business online can be extremely overwhelming for a first-timer. The abundance of information, courses, threads, LinkedIn posts, books, podcasts, etc., thrown at you is through the roof. There is no social standard that you have to know everything; it’s just in your mind.

I have the honor of talking to people from different backgrounds. Some are stepping into new territories. Example: a finance person going into eCommerce or building a SaaS product. It’s an entirely new playground for them, but 90% of them feel they need to know everything.

The reality is:

  1. You’re never going to be ready.
  2. Reading all the books on a topic will never beat taking action.

The online world is wide-open and free to explore. If you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing, congratulations. You’re right where you need to be. Try, learn, explore, break, and repeat. Be a sponge.

Keep an open mind.

Your novice mindset can foster a sense of humility and openness to ideas and honest feedback from others. No idea is perfect, and no plan is bulletproof; as long as you apply that creativity, you can’t lose.

There is always something to learn. Whenever you’re reading something or working with someone, dig into the details unfamiliar to you about a specific topic. Maybe a concept or framework that you didn’t know. It’s a great way to keep your process pure and keep your ideas fresh.

Personal example:

I’ve been building things for over ten years online: Agencies, eCommerce brands, SaaS products, etc. I’ve gotten a taste of a few different business flavors. Truthfully, I like them all in moderation. To this day, I spend more than 50% of my time trying new things and strategies. One of my most recent obsessions is writing, specifically learning to be a better copywriter. I’ve been writing online since April 2022 and consider myself a Novice. Every day I learn something new about writing, storytelling, and copywriting. I try new tactics and strategies. Throughout the process, I learn to accept the unknown challenges that come with this journey by keeping my mind open for new information and, most importantly, putting it into action.

Whatever your next project is, put on your novice hat. Be vulnerable. Learn by taking action, failing, and overcoming challenges. Go out there and build.

3 of the tweets from the week.

Tweet 1: I love what Joe is doing, he is leaning into a niche. He's starting an entire newsletter around it, check it out in the thread below. I highly recommend you follow him throughout his journey. Good dude right there.

Tweet 2: I love the simplicity of this tweet by Aadit. I can't agree more with it, the best thing I ever did was bet on myself 13 years ago.

Tweet 3: Over the years I've realized that all of my growth happened after I failed at something the first time. It's the best way to learn.

Podcast stuff:

This week's episode features another amazing guest Christine Carrillo. She is a CEO coach and a serial entrepreneur with 3 businesses under her belt.

  • Christine’s upbringing was far from ideal. She grew up in an abusive household and had to become self-sufficient at an early age. She learned how to adapt to chaos and even thrive in it. She mentioned that developing the ability to handle a chaotic environment led her to where she is now.
  • For many years, Christine has been known for building big businesses one at a time. However, she recently decided to transition to running multiple smaller ones with smaller teams as it feels more energizing to her. In addition to a coaching business, her business portfolio consists of Alice, an agency that partners CEOs with executive assistants, Butlr Health, a platform to match people with therapists, and The 20 Hour CEO, a course for CEOs & Founders who want to scale their business.

Talking with Christine was great. We talked about things like the advantages of running a smaller business, differentiating between a founder's and a company’s identities, how to overcome being publicly attacked, and more.

Check out the Podcast Episode

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